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Precautions against counterfeits

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your long-standing patronage of Idemitsu Kosan’s products.

It has recently been confirmed that counterfeits of our engineering plastic products are being distributed in the Chinese market.

These counterfeits cannot easily be distinguished from our genuine products because the former’s packaging elaborately imitates the latter’s.

We are resolutely striving to remove these counterfeits so that customers can use our products safely with a sense of security, and we will continue to take necessary countermeasures from now and into the future.

We ask that you purchase our products through regular sales channels.
Click here to inquire about how to purchase our genuine products or to seek advice.

It should be noted that we will take no responsibility for any defects or accidents that may occur should counterfeits be used.

Your continued patronage of Idemitsu Kosan’s products would be greatly appreciated.

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